What is Don’t Be?

To get the most out of your life, I believe you MUST find that specific “thing” that is holding you back. For years I remained inside my comfort zone because I was NERVOUS to leave it.  Stepping ‘Outside the Zone’ that holds you back is what Don’t Be is all about.

Don’t Be Nervous, Don’t Be Fearful, Don’t Be Shy, Don’t Be_________________.  Being nervous used to prevent me from achieving my full level success on the lacrosse field.  I had a great coach who once put it very simply, “Bobby, don’t be nervous.”  The simplicity of this challenge changed my life.

I went on to achieve great success in my sport of lacrosse and Don’t Be has become my reminder in all aspects of life.  What is holding you back from achieving your full level of success?  Share your story on this Blog and inspire others with YOUR Don’t Be story!


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