Don’t Be a Bully

Between 1981 and 1991 a study found that members of elite fraternities and top sports teams tended to be perpetrators of heinous sex crimes. Analysis of this study points to the overwhelming sense of entitlement that is promoted to the men in these arenas. I am not hating on sports or frats. I have been a member of two top sports teams and I have many great friends in Greek life. My point is this, there is a lot of talk about the Miami Dolphins bullying incident and the main discussion is centering on, “What really happened? What are the facts?” These are the facts. The facts are that elite sports (in particular men’s sports) promote a culture of bullying and entitlement. And no having this conversation does not represent the “Pussification of America” as Fox News would like you to believe. Instead having this conversation represents what is right with our generation. That a 24 old who made it to the NFL believed it wasn’t worth being bullied for.

This is just my opinion based on what we know now. What are your thoughts on this situation? I am really curious where people fall on this. Please comment below with your thoughts. Start the conversation!


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