Don’t Be Complacent

This is great advice I received upend graduating college.  One of my lacrosse teammate’s Father had this to say:


1.) Treat people better than you wish to be treated

2.) Never compromise your character and integrity

3.) Trust your visceral sensations; if you have chi, you can trust if somethings feels wrong
it is!  If something feels right it probably is!

4.) Use your intelligence to its capacity; what you are capable of learning, know
or find out yourself.

5.) Keep your body as though you will live forever and your soul as though you will die tomorrow!

He then left me with this, “I wish you only the best but it
will be the adversity in your life that will test your metal! You are
well beyond your years in thinking proactively and I look forward to
where you will land. Or will you hoover always looking for new
challenges?  I think the latter.”

Those last three sentences have puzzled me for the past two years. I finally was able to simplify that statement and make it work for my life.  Don’t Be Complacent.  If you’re not growing, you’re already dead.  Don’t Be Complacent.


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