How to Live Outside The Zone in the Music Industry

ImageThe AMAZING singer-songwriter Sarah Miles ( performed at Harford Community College this past semester.  When I asked her about her confidence on stage and how she has come to perform in front of audiences across the country, she shared with me this story:

When I was only three years old, my mom and dad recognized that I had a gift for singing. They exposed to me lots of music and had me audition for a local children’s choir where I sang in a large group, with no particular spotlight on me. By the time I was in high school, I knew music was my passion.  I taught myself to play the guitar and I started writing music. I locked myself in my room for hours just playing, singing and writing.  The only problem was that I was terrified of performing in front of anyone….including my own grandparents.  I would cringe when my mom would say, “play one of your new songs for grandpa”.  With my mother’s encouragement, I worked hard on overcoming my stage fright.  I pushed myself, by playing in small coffee houses and by joining an a cappella group in college where we performed all over the country.  Overcoming my fear of performing in front of an audience has been a long journey.  I actually felt ill with nervousness before each show. I found the reward came during and after the show, where I felt a sense of exhilaration.  The fear before each show was worth the end result.  I finally realized that I loved performing; it just took time, experience and gained confidence to be able to do it.  Now, as a professional singer-songwriter and hundreds of shows under my belt, I feel much less nervous before shows. My advice to people who suffer from nervousness when public speaking or performing; is to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself.  It really does get easier with time.  Just do it!”


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