Don’t Be Too Competitive?

If you’re like me, you LOVE the Olympics! While watching the Olympics yesterday with my girl-friend Danielle, we both noticed something unique about the snowboarders. They didn’t appear to be nearly as competitive as the other athletes. For example, when the favored figure skater Ashley Wagner finished a run that was very good but not perfect, she was visibly pissed! When super star skier Bode Miller, who already has 5 Olympic medals to his name with 1 of them being Gold, did not medal in his run he was also visibly pissed! Yet when the snowboarders did not medal, they didn’t seem to care. They laughed and shrugged their shoulders. All of them! Regardless of country, age, experience, or how far off the podium they were. They were…cool with it? Likewise, those that won were…cool with it. Don’t get me wrong, Jamie Anderson was super happy BUT I wouldn’t call her ecstatic. When Sage Kotsenburg, Gold medalist snowboarder, was interviewed on the Today Show this morning, he said he did a jump in his Gold medal winning run that he has never done before! He said it just felt right at the moment. For me, this is a new kind of competitive. These snowboarders are clearly world class athletes and want to win, but they also seem to clearly and genuinely just really enjoy their sport. Win or lose, they have a smile on their face and love what they are doing. Genuinely. I admire this because I am someone who hates to lose much more than I love to win. This can be a frustrating dynamic when times get tough. I admire how these people who are the top of their respective fields seem to find a way to compete on a world stage (literally!) yet not yet defeat worry them, prevent them from taking risks, or ruin their experience. As someone who speaks to students about maximizing their college EXPERIENCE, I think I have a lot to learn from these snowboarders.

What do you think? Did you not see what I saw? Am I way off? I would love to know what you think about this. Comment below!


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