Don’t Be Shy

I am milling around the lobby of the Hershey Lodge for the APCA Regional Conference this weekend.  I was excited to see that there is also a DECA State Conference here this weekend!  I competed at the state level for DECA in high school and many of the lessons I learned from DECA have served me well in starting and running my own business today.  So I went up to a group of DECA students this morning and struck up a conversation.  Shy is the only word I can say.  Shy!  These students are spending their weekend at a conference designed to prepare them for the world of business.  Meanwhile, in the same lobby that they hang out in are TONS of entrepreneurs and folks who have years of experience in the world of business.  Some of the agencies and businesses here at APCA have been in this industry for decades.  And most of the businesses here do it all.  You know that Staples commercial where one guy is the Marketing Specialist, Salesman, Copy Machine Maintenance Specialist, Graphic Designer, etc etc etc!  That’s what this world is all about.  I’m not saying these DECA students could learn anything from me, but they could certainly learn a ton from any number of folks also milling about this lobby.

So for my APCA students!  Don’t Be Shy.  Make the most of this weekend.  Get up early and stay up late.  And the Top 3 Ways to maximize this weekend???  NETWORK.  NETWORK.  NETWORK.  For once in your life, defy your Mother and introduce yourself to strangers!  Well to put in better, introduce yourself to people you don’t know.  Who are well dressed and in this hotel.  Not total strangers of course.  

Don’t Be Shy this weekend.  ‘Live Life Outside The Zone’ this weekend.

Carpe Diem,



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