Don’t Be Trapped by Dogma

Don't Be Trapped by Dogma


Don’t Be Intimidated

ImageJust yesterday a good friend Tweeted me simply this, “#DontBeIntimidated.”  When I asked her what this was all about she explained that she has been having trouble speaking up at her new job.  This reminded me of the simple power of Don’t Be.  

Don’t Be is the reality that most of have untapped potential.  Don’t Be is the understanding that most of us are in the positions we are in because someone of authority knows we have the ability, the skills, and the knowledge to fulfill this role better than anyone else they know.  Most of us sit on the side lines of life hoping we don’t hear our name called because then we might have an opportunity to fail!  But deep down inside we all know that if we could just stop being intimidated, stop being scared, stop being nervous, if we could just stop being whatever it is that is holding us back and keeping us down…deep down most of us know we would soar!  

Is there a promotion you are not applying for, an idea at work you have not shared, or a goal you have not told anyone about?  Why have you not done this thing?  Don’t Be whatever it is that is holding you back.  You have the ability, you have the skill, you have the potential, don’t let anything hold you back.

It’s not this easy but it can be this simple.

Carpe Diem,