What’s the worst that could happen??

Behold-the-turtle.-He-makes-progress-only-when-he-sticks-his-neck-out.-Step-out-of-your-comfort-zoneI received the following email after my keynote address at the Vector Marketing sales training. Vector trains thousands of college students every summer to sell.  I was humbled to be asked to present and of course nervous about stepping into a new environment!  This email made it all worth it: 

Hey Bobby!

I wanted to reach out and give a HUGE thank you for your talk today. It got me so fired up for what is in store. I loved your message, it was so simple, yet meant so much.

I wanted to share a quick #dontbe story with you, it also ties in with my “what’s the worst that could happen” theme.

So as you know, we are in this huge push period right now and I’m working down in Delaware, so I am working off of minimal leads, since the majority of my referrals are people in Pennsylvania. Anyways, I had a demo yesterday at 11:30 AM and then one at 2:30, I finished my 11:30 pretty quickly, so I had about an hour and a half break before I had to head over to my next one. I decided to go grab coffee at a local coffee shop. As I was sitting there, minding my own business, I noticed there were 3 women having a conversation in regards to a business that one of them owns…my ears popped up a little and I began to eavesdrop, only because I was curious about this woman’s business. I figured 2/3 of these woman would be FANTASTIC customers to sit down with, so I patiently waited an hour until they were done their conversation and then introduced myself and approached them about doing a presentation. They both said yes! I would have NEVER done that in the past because I was always super nervous, and trust me I was really nervous when I approached them, but i figured, what’s the worst that could happen?  #dontbenervous

This is what #dontbe and #outsidethezone is all about!  Notice that this student never got over being nervous, she just did not let being nervous hold her back from what she desires and deserves.  What is your next #dontbe story?  Get #outsidethezone TODAY!!  

Carpe Diem,