#DontBe Fearful – BE BRAVE!

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#DontBe Fearful – BE BRAVE!

The number one thing that stops people from achieving what they want in life is fear. Fear that we are not enough; fear that we will fail, fear that we will succeed and it will not have been worth it. Use fear. Don’t let fear use you.

 The irony of fear is that usually when we fear failing and let that control our mind, failing is most likely what occurs next. I recently read a great article by the author and speaker Brian Tracy. Tracy eloquently points out that Fear Paralyzes Action. This is so on point! As a high school athlete, the fear of messing up on the field would paralyze me from taking a shot, making a move toward the goal, or even putting myself on the field. Have you ever found yourself on the sideline during a major game and felt more comfortable on the sideline than on the field? This is fear! Have you ever avoiding going to a professors office hours for help or come up with great reasons why you don’t need to apply for that internship or scholarship? This is all fear! Anytime you find yourself paralyzed to take action, this is fear.

Great, so how do we push past fear? For me fear showed up most often on the field. I would get in a game and just not do anything of value other than pass the ball. I was a role player but I didn’t want to be a role player. During my junior year of high school I was introduced to visualization. On the bus ride to games I began visualizing the entire game and my role in it. I would visualize walking off the bus, warming up, the National Anthem, and the opening whistle. I would see myself picking up the first ground ball off the face-off, charging up the field, making a great move, and going toward the goal. I would visualize shutting down my guy on defense, making a huge clear, and making a great assist. Anything and everything that I wanted to do on the field, I would visualize on the bus ride. This made it real for me and made it less intimidating. By the time I got to the field I had already played the game of my life in my own mind. This wasn’t an overnight fix. This took practice. Lots of practice! I bought a CD to listen to that helped me do it. I read books on visualization and mediation. I made it my pre-game ritual. And eventually it began to work. I didn’t always play the game of my life as I had envisioned it in my head, but I played a game of action instead of a game of fear.

Have you ever tried visualization before a big game or big moment in life? Even though I don’t play in big games anymore, I still use visualization before I go out on stage in front of hundreds of people. I use it to curb my fears in that moment so that I can show up for my audience. Where does fear show up in your life?

#DontBe Fearful – BE BRAVE!

Carpe Diem,



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